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Innovative Networking

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Wealth Builders NYC is a thriving business networking group, where successful and creative business people come together to reach new heights in their business. We are a collective of forward-thinkers, ground-breakers, and game-changers, dedicated to growing their business revenue through referrals.


So why choose us?


Scholarly research has shown "high performers who have strong ties to people who offer them new information or expertise, including internal and external clients, who increase market awareness; peers in other functions, divisions, or geographies, who share best practices; and contacts in other industries, who inspire innovation"


- Rob Cross + Robert J. Thomas

Harvard Business Review


Wealth Builders NYC understands business networking opportunities are essential for getting your business where you want it to go. You value your business, we value taking you to the next level.


Wealth Builders NYC is dedicated to fostering an environment filled with business opportunities, where our members (and our referral guests) can form meaningful connections within a diversified business community.


Membership Benefits

Connect with


industry professionals

Build your

business + brand +  network

Top industry speaker presentations


Midtown location

Low cost

annual fee


Why referrals? How do I join? What's in it for me?

Click on Help Center to find out

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